The FAQs

What is my Why?

As far back as I can remember, I've always had a love for taking pictures. And I know, every photographer out there says some variation of that sentence, but it's because it's a great big ol' fact! To be a photographer, be it as a hobbyist or a professional, you've got to have some type of love for it. And for me, it's knowing that I've frozen a moment in time that can be looked back on and remembered forever. My goal for each and every one of my clients is to not just capture beautiful images of structured moments, but to freeze moments of true emotion in time. Something for you to look back on for years and generations to come!

How long have you been doing this?

I've always had a love for photos and photography, my love even goes back as far as my "carrying a digital camera around everywhere and taking moody pictures with my friends" phase.
I have been doing what I would consider more professional style photography since 2021. I am a self taught photographer and have loved every minute of capturing beautiful memories for many families!

How do we get our photos?

It's super easy to view and download your photos once I have uploaded your gallery!
You should have received and email with the link to your own Session Gallery, as well as a password to access the photos.
Once inside of the gallery, you can easily download the images you wish, or even the whole gallery! (And no worries, the watermark WILL NOT be on the image when you download them)

Do you retouch photos?

Retouching photos can be a bit of a...touchy subject. I am a believer every person is beautiful and my goal as your photographer is to show you the beauty in yourself.
That being said, if your child has a dab of ketchup on their face from lunch (and I don't catch during the session) I do try to make sure that part is removed from the photos.

Whats your turn around time?

You should expect to see a quick sneak or two within a week of having a session with me. Final products may take up to two weeks for full editing.

What do I need to expect at my session?

A session with me won't be what you may be used to! While I will direct you on how to stand and where to place your hands, I use prompts to elicit true emotion and natural smiles.
So clients beware, you're gonna hear me say some silly things during our time together! But rest assured it will be a memorable time and you will certainly be happy with the results!

How many photos do we get?

It depends on which type of session you do! Please refer to the "Session Info" for more information on how many photos per session.

Do you Travel?

I love to find the beauty in the local atmosphere so I spend a considerable amount of time scouting locations in and around Wayne County. However, I am not opposed to traveling for a session at all! There may be an added charge if I have to travel more than 30 minutes from my location.
If you have an idea for a session you want to do that involves traveling, please reach out to me!

What should we wear?

First and foremost, wear what you are comfortable in. Having photos taken of you is already an uncomfortable experience for most (I do try to make it as fun as possible!) so you wouldn't want restrictive clothes holding you back.
Outfit colors/styles will vary based on season or type of session so once you are booked, I can help you if you have any questions!

How do we book you?

Call or text me! 919-394-2076